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The Lab: For Tasters and Makers

The Lab is the brainchild of Janet Johanson and Matt Hall. Janet and Matt saw a need for beverage makers to have a resource to perform pilot runs and a place to test the quality of their recipes. They also wanted to offer a taproom scene inclusive of everyone—one that provided more than beer. With that, they launched The Lab, a place for tasters and makers.

If you are a beverage business — a maker — The Lab offers pilot brewing and laboratory services to help refine recipes, trial new ingredients, create commercial-quality prototypes and gather anonymous customer feedback from The Lab taproom.

If you are a consumer — a taster — The Lab is here to offer you the first taste of the newest beverages via our self-pour system. The Lab offers both beer and other alcoholic drinks, plus a variety of non-alcoholic beverages. Importantly, the feedback from The Lab guests is relayed to our beverage creators to help them perfect their recipes.



Janet Johanson, Owner and General Manager

Janet Johanson is the founder of BevSource. Janet is always looking for what's next and her passion has driven clients across North America and overseas to launch their beverage creations. Janet's commitment to excellence exists not only in the work place, but in the community, as evidenced by her volunteer work and mentoring. Her drive to fulfill the needs of the beverage industry resulted in The Lab — a place for makers and tasters to come together.


Matt Hall, Director of Innovation & Pilot Services

Matt Hall is the Director of Innovation & Pilot Services. Matt has spent more than 20 years in the beverage and brewing industry, winning multiple World Beer Cup and Great American Beer Festival medals and holding positions with several notable breweries. Matt is passionate about transforming ideas into reality and bringing about “positive change” whether related to being part of a community, raising two kids, or his hobbies. You'll find Matt brewing up blue-ribbon recipes in our pilot facility.


Gerri Kustelski, Brewery Chemist

The Lab’s “Godmother of Quality,” Gerri Kustelski, has spent most of the past 57 years working in a brewery laboratory. After many years in the industry, Gerri still finds her work satisfying, enjoyable, and just plain fun. As The Lab’s Brewery Chemist, she is excited to wave her wand throughout the laboratory and work her magic.


Danielle Callahan, Taproom General Manager

Danielle comes to The Lab from Madison, Wisconsin, after 15 years of experience in the beverage and bar industry. Danielle is craft beverage enthusiast and loves to explore the Twin Cities brewery scene. When Danielle is not at The Lab, she enjoys spending time with her nieces and nephews, seeing live music and cooking.


Adam Smith, Business Development Manager

Adam credits his dad for introducing and developing his interest in craft beer. Adam has worked with BevSource as a Supply Chain Analyst, and transitioned to Business Development Manager for The Lab. In this role, Adam helps beverage start-ups make their first beverage samples—an activity he finds to be quite rewarding. When he is not launching beverage startups at The Lab, Adam and his wife, together with their dog, can often be found at a brewery, concert, or other social hangout.


Hannah Krieg, Lab Technician

Hannah’s passion for science started at Concordia University St. Paul where she participated in research projects and graduated with a B.S in Biology with honors. She is in the process of obtaining her Masters in Food Science and is excited to apply her experience and education at The Lab. When Hannah is not performing quality testing at The Lab, she enjoys spending time outdoors with her dogs. She has a passion for giving back to the community through her involvement with Habitat for Humanity and tutoring.



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